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  1. Open the Preferences window by pressing ⌘, (command + comma) or clicking Preferences in the Adium menu.
  2. On the Accounts page, in the lower left-hand corner, click the + button and then click Jabber. (Note: in the most recent version of Adium, the option to add Jabber does not exist. It is now XMPP. Jabber = XMPP.)
  3. Enter your full Jabber ID ( and password.
  4. Click OK. (do not click Register New Account)
    If the account does not immediately connect, make sure its checkbox is checked. Make note of any status messages in case you need help.
  5. Open the Add Contact window by pressing ⌘D or clicking Add Contact in the Contacts menu. Enter a Jabber ID of and click OK. (If you have multiple Jabber accounts online, be sure you are adding the bot to your account.)
  6. Open a chat window by double-clicking the bot in your buddy list. Say “hello”. The bot will reply with instructions to help you subscribe to blogs and comments.


If you have set up Two Step Authentication then you will need to create an Application-Specific Password.

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