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What is Jetpack and do I need it?facebook-cover-2015

Jetpack is a feature-rich plugin for self-hosted WordPress sites. If your site is hosted with us at WordPress.com then you don’t need Jetpack. However if you’re thinking of moving your site from WordPress.com to WordPress.org, Jetpack will give you access to all the cool features available here at WordPress.com.

How much does it cost?

Jetpack is a free plugin with Premium upgrade options. With WordPress.com hosting we manage the security, backups, and anti-spam free; however self-hosted sites need to manage their own backups, security, and spam. This is where Jetpack comes in. Subscribe to one of our Jetpack plans and we’ll take care of the backups and spam for you.

How do I get a Jetpack plan?

You’ll need to install Jetpack on your WordPress site first and then connect to your account here at WordPress.com. Sign into the WordPress.com Dashboard and click “Plan” in the menu on the left.


What plans are available?

Jetpack Premium
Automated backups and anti-spam
Jetpack Business
Real-time backups, anti-spam, and security scanning.
Daily site backups with easy restores. Real-time site backups with easy restores.
30-day backup archive. Unlimited backup archive.
Akismet anti-spam. Akismet anti-spam
Daily site security scanning with easy one-click repairs.
Polldaddy (Polls and Ratings).
$99 per year. $299 per year.

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