Making a Business Website

Here are some quick tips on starting your business website here at WordPress.com.

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Make Pages

Visit My Site → Pages to see what pages you have created for your website. Pages are a good way to publish information that doesn’t change much, like an About page or a Contact page. You can create a new page by clicking on Pages → Add.

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Change Reading Settings

Now that you’ve created a page, set that page to be the first one your visitors see. To do so, go to your Customizer → Homepage Settings to change what displays on your front page. You can do that by enabling a static front page and setting it to the home page you created.

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Turn Off Comments

The default setting is for comments to be enabled. Visit Settings → Discussion to change the default for new posts or pages. You can also enable/disable comments on posts or pages you’ve already published under the More Options module of your page screen.


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Create a Contact page

Start a new page and call it “Contact”. You can use any of the following techniques:

Create a custom contact form for visitors to reach you. This ensures you are asking customers the questions you need answered.


Through your Customizer → Widgets you can select a widget area and select the Contact Info widget. Enter your contact information into the text boxes provided, as well as your address, and a widget with your mapped location, phone number, and hours will display on your site.

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Add a Domain

You can sign up for a new domain name or map an existing domain name. Adding a domain to your site gives your business a memorable address visitors can type to reach your content.

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Get social

Connecting Social Accounts

Publicize allows you to share your WordPress.com posts on other social media automatically. Write it once and share it everywhere.

Likes and Shares

Choose what sharing buttons appear at the bottom of your posts and pages under Sharing → Sharing Buttons. You can decide to turn off Likes and Shares for any future posts or pages from this page, and in the Sharing module of your already published pages and posts.


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Customize your site

Choose the theme that’s right for you. You can apply new themes from My Site → Themes or by visiting our Theme Showcase. If you are a WordPress.com Business customer,  all premium WordPress.com themes are free and you can switch themes as often as you like at no added cost.

Start customizing your theme by uploading your own header or logo image,  creating a navigation menu, or adding widgets to the available sidebar or footer areas in your theme.

With WordPress.com Business or WordPress.com Premium you can customize further by choosing fonts, colors, and adding your own CSS.

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