Manage Comments blog owners have full control over what comments appear on their posts and pages: you can approve, delete, or edit any comments left on your site. (There are separate support documents with instructions on enabling and disabling comments and controlling who can comment.)

The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.:

To manage comments, go to the Comments link in the left menu of your blog dashboard.

Viewing Your Comments

There are several ways to view and sort your comments. Use the tabs for pending, approved, spam, and trashed comments to filter them. There is a search option on the right, and links to comment pages below the search box. There are also bulk action and filtering options ,as well as a button to let you re-check your comments for spam.

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Comment Actions

When you hover the mouse over a comment in the Edit Comments page, you will see comment actions appear below the comment. You can approve/unapprove, reply, edit, spam, or trash comments with those links.

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Parts of a Comment

This is an illustration of all the parts of a comment as seen from the comment edit page.

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Editing a Comment

This is a view of a comment from the Quick Edit screen. The Quick Edit screen will let you edit the comment in place on the Edit Comment page. You can also click the Edit link to open a separate page for editing a comment.

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Keyboard Shortcuts

You can moderate comments using keyboard shortcuts if you’ve enabled this feature in your User –> Personal Settings page.

Keyboard Shortcuts

A comment that is selected will be displayed with a shaded background. By default, no comment is selected, so you will need to press either the J or the K key to start navigating.

The keyboard shortcuts for comment actions are:

  • A – Approve
  • D – Delete/Trash
  • E – Edit
  • J – Previous
  • K – Next
  • Q – Quick Edit
  • R – Reply
  • S – Mark as Spam
  • U – Unapprove
  • X – Checkbox

The keyboard shortcuts for bulk comment actions are:

  • Shift-a  – Approves checked comments.
  • Shift-s  – Marks the checked comments as spam.
  • Shift-d – Deletes/trashes the checked comments.
  • Shift-u – Unapproves the checked comments.

See page 2 for instructions on how to manage comments in

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