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Your user profile is the information you’d like to be shown along with your username when you comment on sites or post in forum threads. 

You can manage your profile by clicking on your Gravatar (avatar) in the upper right-hand corner of your admin bar:


Note: All information contained within your user profile will be active for all blogs owned by that particular user account. This information is publicly accessible by all users on the internet, so you should only enter information that are you are comfortable sharing with everyone (regardless of whether your blog is set to private or not).

My Profile

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  1. First name: your first name (optional).
  2. Last name: your last name (optional).
  3. Public Display Name: this is how you would like your name to display publicly. Your WordPress.com username is shown by default, but you might prefer that your first name be shown instead, or a nickname.
  4. About Me: A brief bio or other information you’d like displayed along with your profile (optional).

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1. Profile Photo: An avatar linked to your email address that will display with your comments, likes, and other activity on WordPress.com sites, or any site using Gravatar. Click “Edit Photo” to be taken to your Gravatar profile.

On WordPress.com, your profile is managed through Gravatar. A “Gravatar” is a Globally Recognized Avatar, which just means you don’t have to set up a different profile picture for every site you participate on.

2. Profile Links: Here you can add various websites that you’d like to be associated with your profile.

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How My Profile Displays

Now that you’ve set up your profile, try leaving a comment or liking a post! You’ll see that your Gravatar appears next to your Public Display Name.

When you hover your cursor over your Gravatar, you’ll see a hovercard with your profile information:


Click on that, and you’ll be taken to your Complete Profile:

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