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Comments are a great way to interact with your visitors. You can get feedback on your content, discover people with similar interests, and build a community for your site.


Do you want visitors to discuss your awesome posts? Maybe you don’t want any discussion at all? The choice is yours. You can enable or disable comments site-wide for future posts and pages in your site’s Discussion Settings.

You can also enable or disable comments on posts or pages you already published, without changing your site-wide settings.

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Viewing & Editing

Want to view all the comments made on your site? Head to to the Comments tab in your site’s Dashboard. You can easily control all aspects of the comments on your site from this page.

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Comments I've Made

You can track all of the comments you’ve made across WordPress.com in one central place via the Comments I’ve Made page at the top left of your dashboard.

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Facebook & Twitter Comments

Every WordPress.com site automatically provides easy commenting for your readers with a WordPress.com, Twitter, or Facebook account. Your readers can choose the login they wish to use when commenting. It’s as simple as that.

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More Comment Goodness

You can display a recent comments widget to show off the latest comments on your site. Did you know that you don’t even have to log in to WordPress.com to reply to comments? You can use the comment reply by email feature.

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