Media Library

The Media Library is where you can manage your images, audio, videos, and documents all in one place.

To navigate to the Media Library click on My Sites then click on Media.

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Adding files from your Computer

To add files from your computer, click on Add New to select the files you want to upload, or drag and drop files directly onto the page. Learn more about the accepted file types that you can add to your Media Library.

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Adding files from the Web

To add a file using a URL, first click on the chevron next to Add New, then click Add via URL

Copy and paste the URL into the field, then click Upload.

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Edit Media Details

To modify media information like the title or caption, select the items you would like to edit, then select Edit.

In the details view, you can update the title, caption, and description. Any changes made in these fields will be saved automatically for you.

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Edit Photos

If you have a photo that needs to be cropped or rotated you can now update this here, too! From the media detail view select Edit Image.

In the Image Editor (see this guide for full instructions), you can crop, rotate, and flip images directly on

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To find your previously uploaded items, go to the filter tabs to sort media by file type, or select the magnifying glass to open the search field and search for images by title. In the details view, you can copy the URL link for use in a new post or page.

See page 2 for instructions on how to add images in /wp-admin.

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