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Custom Menus are a list of navigation links that are usually displayed in the header area at the top of your site. The menu location can vary depending on your theme, and some themes offer additional menus such as social links menus.

Customized main navigation menu in the Twenty Thirteen theme

Creating a custom menu allows you to do the following things:

  • Change the order of pages in your menu, or hide them.
  • Create nested sub-menus of links, sometimes referred to as “drop-down” menus.
  • Create links to category pages allowing you to collect posts together based on that category.
  • Add custom links to other sites, such as a link to your Twitter or Instagram profile.

Creating a Custom Menu

To create a custom menu, go to My Sites → Menus. You can manage which theme areas use which menus with the two drop-downs at the top of the page.


From the first dropdown, choose the area where you want the menu to appear. Then, open the second dropdown and select Add new menu. Once the menu is created, you can add items to it.

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Adding/editing menu items

To add an item, click on the “+” icon:


Once clicked, a new panel will open, where you can change the label and the destination. The label is the text that will appear for text menu items and the destination is where someone is taken if they click the menu item.

For each menu item, you may choose the type of link on the left and the final destination on the right. To create a custom link, use the “Link” option on the left. In the example below, Page has been selected and the “About” page is shown on the right as the only option for the final destination in this example.


Make sure to click Save button at the top right to save your changes once you are finished editing your menu.

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Changing the Order & Creating Sub-Menus

To move menu items in a different position:

  1. Click on the pencil next to the item you want to move.
  2. Click on the Move button.
  3. Click the Move here link closest to where you want to move the item.
  4. Then you will see options for placing the item above, below, or as a child of the item you just clicked.


Make sure to click Save to save your changes after making modifications.

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Creating static menu tabs

To create a menu item that is not clickable but will contain submenu items, just add a Link menu item and leave the “Link Address (URL)” field blank.


Make sure to click Save to save your changes after making modifications.

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  • It’s saying that the item type is unsupported, what should I do?
    If you get a warning saying that your item type is unsupported, or you can’t see your desired type in the types list, you can still edit these types at WP Admin → Menus. Currently, some Post formats are not supported in the new menu page but are still supported in WP Admin.
  • It’s showing a Menu but when I go on my site the menu is not there, how do I fix it?
    If your theme isn’t showing your default menu, try making any change to the menu and re-save — this should force the theme to use that menu.
  • Where is the feature X that was there before?
    If you want advanced features, such as adding menu item descriptions, CSS classes, changing a link’s target or title attributes — please use WP Admin → Menus.

For more options, check the advanced settings documentation.

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