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It takes much work to get a page just right. Why not reuse that effort? Copy a Page lets you duplicate a page, including the title and contents, so you can start a new page without having to re-enter contents and formatting.

You can copy a page from either the pages list or the page editor:

Pages List

When browsing your pages list, select the ‘…’ button on the page you would like to copy and then select ‘Copy’. This will copy the page’s content to a new page and load it in the editor for you.

GIF of copying a page from the pages list.

Page Editor

You can also copy a page from within the page editor. Select the ‘More Options’ dropdown at the left side of the editor and scroll down to the bottom. Click on ‘Select a page to copy’ to see a list of previous pages to copy and insert into the editor. Note that copying a page will overwrite any content that is currently in the editor.

GIF of copying the page from the editor.

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