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By default, the front page of your WordPress.com site will display latest posts from your blog. If you would like to create a more traditional website, you can set a static “home” page instead.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works, and read below for more examples and settings.

1. Create a "Home" page

In your site dashboard add a new page, and title your new page “Home.” Be sure to Publish this page as Public (if you want the site to be private while you set up, that is a different setting).

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2. Set a Static Front Page

Launch the Site Customizer and click on the Homepage Settings tab on the left.

Select the A static page option, then choose your new page from the Homepage drop down.

The preview window will display your newly selected page as the front page of your site.

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3. Save your changes

Click on the Publish button to save your homepage settings.

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4. Create a custom menu

You may notice that you have two “home” links on your site menu, or that the pages on your site are not displayed in the order you wish.

The good news is that you can create a custom menu for your site in any arrangement you like by following the steps in our Custom Menus guide.

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Optional - Create a blog page

If you would like to have a blog, you have the option to set up a separate page to display your recent posts elsewhere on your site.

As with setting a static “home” page above, you will need to create a new page called “blog” and return to the site customizer, and choose this page from the Posts page drop down.

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