Personal Settings

Your personal settings at can be accessed via
Users -> Personal Settings in your dashboard.

Personal Settings - Menu

Personal Settings

Admin Color Scheme: Choose from nine color schemes to use with your dashboard.

Personal Settings - Admin Color Scheme

Keyboard Shortcuts: Check this box to enable keyboard shortcuts for easier comment moderation. Please see for more information.

Personal Settings - Keyboard Shortcuts

Twitter API: Did you know that you can use Twitter-API-compatible tools to access

Personal Settings - Twitter API

Browser Connection: Choose whether to use HTTPS when navigating your dashboard.

Personal Settings - Browser Connection

Interface Language: Set the primary language of your dashboard. To set the language of your actual blog, go to Settings -> General.

Personal Settings - Interface Language

Primary Blog: You can choose which blog you want to be your primary blog here. If you only have one blog there will be no dropdown.

Personal Settings - Primary Blog

Proofreading: uses After the Deadline, a powerful proofreading service to make sure your prose is top-notch. You can specify which parts of the service you want to use here.

Personal Settings - Proofreading

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Account Details

Username: This is your current username. This username can be changed by following the directions here.

E-mail: Required. You may change this, but note that e-mail addresses cannot be shared among accounts. That is, one e-mail address cannot be registered with multiple accounts. You will need to confirm by e-mail when changing your e-mail address.

Although your e-mail address will not be displayed publicly on, when you submit a comment while logged into your account, the e-mail address will be transmitted to the blog’s owner/administrator.

Website: Not required. This is the URL that will be linked to your username when leaving comments on blogs. Please note that this is stored at the time of the comment, so if you do update this, it will not affect past comments (only those made in the future).

New Password: Use these fields to change your password. Both fields must match in order for the password to be successfully changed. Please use the strength indicator as a guide when choosing a new password. Your password is vital to your blog’s security!

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