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You can integrate your Google photos directly into the editor by connecting your account to Google. Once connected you will be able to view your most recent Google photos, search across your photos using Google’s smart image search, and copy them directly to your media library ready for use in a post.

Connecting your account to Google

This only needs to be done once.

  1. While viewing your media (from the Media page, or while editing a post), select ‘Photos from your Google library’ from the media dropdown
  2. Click the connect button
  3. If you are logged in to your Google account you will be asked to confirm the connection. Otherwise you will need to login and then confirm.
  4. Once confirmed your account is now connected and your photos from Google will appear

Note if you are a G Suite user you will need to have access to Google Photos enabled by your account administrator.

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Browsing Photos

When you want to browse your Google photos click the dropdown in the top left corner of your media library and select ‘Photos from your Google library’:

Your Google photos will then appear:

Scroll through the photos as you would your WordPress media library. Select the photo or photos you want to use in your post. If you select a single photo then you will be able to directly insert it into your post.

If you select multiple photos or a video then you will need to click the blue ‘Copy to media library’ button, and your media will be copied into your WordPress library ready to be inserted into your post.

All media is copied to your WordPress library and counts towards your space allowance.

Note that due to a Google restriction we are only able to show 1000 of your most recent photos. If you wish to access photos beyond this then you can use the search function. It can take some time for newly uploaded Google photos to be made available for us to show in the media library – don’t worry, they will appear! You can press the ‘refresh’ button to reload your photos.

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Google Photos provides a powerful image analysis search feature. You can use this by entering a search term in the search box at the top of your media library:

Enter a search phrase and Google will pick out all images it thinks match. You don’t need to have tagged or named your photos for this to work – Google Photos is smart enough to identify objects, places, dates, and even people.

For example, search for ‘cat’, ‘kyoto’, or ‘march 2017’

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Disconnecting from Google

To disconnect your account from Google go to the Sharing page and click the ‘disconnect’ button next to ‘Photos from Google’:

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Multiple Users

Each user can be connected to one Google account. If you have multiple users on a site then they can each be connected to a different Google account, and will not see each other’s photos.

If you want to swap Google account you will need to disconnect one and connect another.

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