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All WordPress.com sites are packed with awesome features, and if you would like to take yours to the next level, we suggest upgrading to one of our plans.

We currently offer 3 plans: Personal, Premium and Business; each are tailored to your needs. On this page, we highlight the most important features you’ll get from each plan.

WordPress.com Personal

With the Personal plan you can personalize your website with a custom domain name, and remove all WordPress.com advertising. You also get access to high quality email and live chat support with our Happiness Engineers.

Custom domain

All of our plans come with a custom registered domain for the first year and we currently offer around 250 TLDs, including the main extensions that are .com, .org, .me, and .live.

If the extension you are looking for is not available or if you already own a domain with another registrar, you can connect it to your WordPress.com site.

Learn more about registering a domain.


If your site has a lot of media files like pictures and documents, you may reach a point where your media library gets full. Fear not! The Personal plan comes with an additional 3Gb of storage compared to free WordPress.com sites. That’s a total of 6Gb to host your files!

Learn more about storage management on WordPress.com and what files can be uploaded.

No ads

Don’t want those pesky ads to appear on your site? With the Personal plan, ads you see on your posts will disappear.

Learn more about removing advertising on WordPress.com.

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WordPress.com Premium

With the Premium plan features, you’ll be able to build a unique website with advanced design tools, premium themes, and the ability to monetize your site with ads.

Premium themes

WordPress.com hosts a collection of about 400 homemade and partner themes so you can style your site with a layout that works for you. Thanks to the Premium plan, you’ll be able to install any of these themes for free, even the paid ones!

You can see our full collection of themes here and try them out before installing them.

Site customization

Another advantage of the Premium plan is custom design. With the Premium plan, you’ll get the ability to edit your site’ style directly using CSS code. Color, size, location: with CSS you’ll be able to control the appearance of any HTML elements on your site.

Learn more about advanced customization on WordPress.com site.


Did you know your site can help you earn money? WordPress.com sites come with ads which you can disable if you have any of our three plans. With the Premium and the Business plan however, you can keep them and make money out of them using WordAds, our advertising platform.

Learn how to monetize your WordPress.com site.

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WordPress.com Business

The Business plan will help you power your business website with unlimited premium and business theme templates, Google Analytics support, unlimited storage, and the ability to use third party services.


WordPress.com Business sites are packed with awesome features, for SEO, social media and more. Sometimes though, you’ll want to use an external service that’s not built into our platform. For that, you can install plugins from the WordPress.org repository.

Learn how to install plugins on WordPress.com.


As mentioned above, WordPress.com has a collection of 400 themes. Can’t find a layout that would work for your site? With the WordPress.com Business plan, you can install a theme that comes from a third-party author at no extra cost.

Learn how to install custom themes on WordPress.com.

Concierge Support

Every Business plan user gets the opportunity to chat with our Happiness Engineers on a one-on-one half hour call. In that session, you’ll get the opportunity to ask us anything and walk you through the WordPress.com dashboard.

Learn more about Concierge Support and book a session.

You can see more about our plans, to compare their features and pricing here.

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