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Post by Voice

Post by Voice is a way to publish audio posts to your blog from your phone. You call a phone number, enter a secret code, record a message, and we handle the rest.

The instructions from this guide are referring to the WP Admin dashboard. You can get to this dashboard by adding /wp-admin to the end of your site’s url (e.g.: example.wordpress.com/wp-admin)

Enable Post by Voice

In order to use Post by Voice you need to enable the feature on your blog and generate a secret code. The secret code is unique to you and your blog so it is important to keep it secret.

  1. Visit Dashboard -> My Blogs.
  2. Locate the blog that you wish to post to and click on Enable.

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Sending a Post by Voice

Call the phone number listed on the My Blogs screen, enter your secret code when prompted, and follow the instructions.

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Example Recording

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Regenerate Secret Key

If your secret key is compromised, others will be able to publish audio posts to your blog. Go to the My Blogs screen and use the Regenerate link below the secret key to create a different one.

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Disable Post by Voice

If you would like to disable the feature, use the Delete link below the secret key.

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Additional Info

  • Post by Voice is powered by the Twilio API.
  • The maximum length of a recording is 1 hour.
  • If there is 10 seconds of silence, the recording will end.
  • You do not need any upgrades to use Post by Voice.
  • Normal calling rates will apply for the phone call.
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