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It takes much work to get a post just right. Why not reuse that effort? Copy a Post lets you duplicate a post, including the title, contents, tags and categories, so you can start a new post without having to re-enter tags, categories and formatting.

You can copy a post from the posts list, the post editor, or the WP Admin dashboard:

Posts List

When browsing your posts list, select the ‘More’ button (three dots) on the post you would like to copy and then select ‘Duplicate’. This will copy the post’s content to a new post and load it in the editor for you.

Post Editor

You can also copy a post from within the Classic post editor. Select the ‘More Options’ dropdown at the right side of the editor and scroll down to the bottom. Click on ‘Select a post to copy’ to see a list of previous posts to copy and insert into the editor. Note that copying a post will overwrite any content that is currently in the editor.



WP Admin dashboard

In the list views for posts, pages, testimonials, and portfolios, you’ll find a new “Copy” option when hovering over a post item.

Clicking “Copy” will open a new edit window, with the following elements already copied over (if the original post has them):

  • title
  • content
  • excerpt
  • featured image
  • categories
  • tags
  • comment and pingback status
  • Likes and Sharing status
  • custom post type terms

If the “Copy” option isn’t available, you do not have access to that particular post.

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