Microsoft OneDrive PowerPoint Web App

You can embed a PowerPoint presentation that you have stored on Microsoft OneDrive. After you complete these steps, your PowerPoint slideshow will appear on your post or page.

Note: On February 21, 2014, Microsoft changed the name of their service from SkyDrive to OneDrive. If you have any previously embedded SkyDrive presentations, they will continue to work. For new embeds, please use the instructions below.

Embedding a PowerPoint presentation

  1. Visit the Microsoft OneDrive site, and open a PowerPoint presentation you’d like to embed into your blog.
  2. Click on the File menu item and select Share > Embed
  3. Click on the blue “Generate” button to generate the necessary HTML needed.  (Note, this step is only needed the first time you embed this file)
  4. Copy the embed code provided.
  5. Create or edit a page or post, and paste the embed code into the Text editor.
  6. Once you update your page or post, the iframe code will be automatically converted into a shortcode.
  7. After you publish your page or post, your embedded PowerPoint presentation will look something like this.

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If you need assistance with creating or managing your PowerPoint presentations on Microsoft OneDrive, please visit the Microsoft OneDrive Web App help page.

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