Privacy Policy Changes FAQ

On January 3, 2018, we will be updating our Privacy Policy. The updated policy will apply to all accounts. You can view both the old and new versions online at

What is changing and why?

We want to give you more information about how we collect and use personal information — in a more organized and readable format.

Here are some of the updates you’ll see:

  • We split the Privacy Policy up into sections titled: Information We Collect, How We Use Information, Sharing Information, Choices, and Security. Our aim is to make the Policy easier to follow and understand — we really want you to read the whole thing!
  • We added specific information about how our Privacy Policy applies to Jetpack sites and the WordPress mobile app.
  • We included real-world, concrete examples to illustrate our policies and give you a clearer picture of how we collect and use personal information. For example, to explain our disclosures about access to mobile device data, we say: “[i]f you give us permission to access the photographs on your mobile device camera roll, our Services may have access the photos stored on your device when you upload a really amazing photograph of the sunrise to your website.
  • We provided more information, in the Choices section, about how you can limit and control the data that you provide to us when you use our services.

For more information please see our announcement post. You can read our full privacy policy here:

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When does the new policy go into effect?

The new policy will go into effect on January 3, 2018.

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Can I opt-out of this policy?

No, this privacy policy will apply to all accounts, including those used for our other products/services, including Jetpack, Gravatar, Akismet, and Intense Debate.

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How do I delete my account?

Accounts can’t be deleted at this time, but we have some information here on how to deactivate your account and remove your personal information:

Additionally, we plan to introduce new options for deleting information in the next year.

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How does this all work when I have my own privacy policy for my website?

The privacy policy applies to the information we gather and use about our own users, like you. Your own Privacy Policy applies to the information you are gathering about the people who visit and use your site.

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Are you snooping through my mobile device's camera roll?

No. The WordPress App must have permission to access a mobile device’s camera roll in order to add a photo from the device to the Media Library of the site. This permission is explicitly granted by the user, and we can’t access the photos on the device unless it is granted. The only image(s) being uploaded are the ones that are specifically chosen by the user.

If you’d like to revoke access to your mobile device’s photos by any app, you can do so from your device’s settings. The best way to find guidance on this specifically for your device is to search for how to do so on Google or your favorite search engine.

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You said in your policy I could limit the information I provide, but I don't see an option for that anywhere. How do I do it?

There isn’t an explicit option for limiting your information. Your ability to do this is based on what information you choose to give us in the course of using our service. For example, you can choose not to purchase any upgrades as a way of not providing us with your billing information. You can also choose not to provide us with your name by not filling in your profile. This isn’t a setting you need to configure as it’s always been entirely up to you whether or not to provide us with this kind of information.

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