Policies & Safety

Private Information

We consider publication of certain information to be a privacy violation. Information that we consider to be private include:

  • Social Security or national ID numbers (e.g. passport).
  • Credit card numbers.
  • IP addresses.
  • Unlisted/non-public physical addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.
  • Birth dates.
  • Passwords.
  • Unauthorized, private nude images.
  • The malicious publication of unauthorized, identifying images of minors.
  • The malicious publication of private details related to gender identity, including former names.

If you find private information published on a WordPress.com blog, you can report it through the action bar. Look for three dots in the lower right corner of a site, then click Report this Content. Alternatively, you can fill out this form.

Examples of information which we don’t consider private are:

  • Photos of people (with the exception of the above).
  • Publicly available physical addresses, email addresses, or phone numbers.
  • Names.

Contact information for domains

All domains require valid contact information, but you can purchase private registration so it does not display to the public.

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