Policies & Safety

Recycling Blog Addresses (URLs)

For the most part, we cannot recycle or reassign site addresses (URLs) which may appear to be abandoned. We respect bloggers’ ownership of their content and therefore will not move or delete a site without its owners consent — no matter how long it has been since their last update.

Fortunately, there is an infinite supply of unused blog addresses, so our policy should not limit your address selection. Note that if you add a custom domain for use with your blog, the original ‘wordpress.com’ domain/URL is never visible to your readers for as long as the custom domain is used on your blog.

If you find that an active blog address is registered by another user, you may be able to obtain it for your use if the owner of the blog agrees to transfer it to you.  You may contact the blog owner – via a comment on their site or through a contact form, if available – to ask for their consent.  If you do not get permission, or do not hear back from the blog owner, we cannot transfer the blog address to you. Please note that we cannot contact the owner of the previously deleted blog for you, nor can we provide you with the contact information of blog owners.

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