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Schedule a Post

You can schedule blog posts to automatically publish themselves at any time in the future.

Watch the video below for a quick overview of how it works, and read below for more examples and settings.

If you want to remove an already published post and automatically republish it at a specific time/date in the future, the directions are the same (see below):

In the menu to the left of the post editor, click the calendar icon on the blue Publish button.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.20.43 AM

Using the calendar that appears, select the future date/time you’d like the post to publish.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.21.03 AM

Tips for using this calendar:

  • Use the left/right arrows to change the month
  • Change the year by moving your cursor over the year, then click on the arrows that appear
  • Click on any day in the calendar to select it
  • Adjust the time using the two inputs at the bottom
  • Your site will post based on its time zone setting. You’ll see a note at the bottom (like the one in the image above) if you are posting from a different time zone.

You can also edit the date and time manually at the top of the calendar.

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 10.28.04 AM

You can edit the existing date and time, or replace them completely by typing commands like “Tomorrow” or “Next Monday at noon” and pressing return or enter on your keyboard. The calendar is smart, and will turn these commands into properly formatted dates and times whenever possible. Double check that the date and time are correct, and you’re good to go!

As soon as you set a future date or time, the Publish button will change to say Schedule and a checkmark will appear on the calendar button.

When looking at the calendar, the currently selected date will be indicated with a blue dot, and today’s date will have an orange circle around it.

Dates when other posts are already scheduled to be published are indicated with a light blue outline. You can move your cursor over these dates to see what post(s) are scheduled for that day.

Tip: Always double check the date at the top of this calendar before clicking publish, and verify the correctly says AM or PM

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 12.48.28 PM

Once you have selected the correct date and time, click Schedule. This will schedule the post, and the button will now say Update. You will also see the post status change from Draft or Draft Saved to Scheduled.

Scheduled posts will be triggered by the first visit to your blog on or after the exact date/time you set. If you see that the scheduled time has come and gone and your post has not published, simply log out of WordPress.com and view your blog’s front page. Your visit should cause the post to appear.

Note: Sometimes you might want to backdate a post. For example, if you’ve just come back from a long trip, you might want to write a post for each day of your travels and have the post dates match the actual days you were away. To backdate a post, simply edit the date before you click Publish, as described above. In this case, the button will not change to Schedule.

Warning: Please do not schedule more than 100 posts. Any posts scheduled beyond that amount will not be published.

Republishing a Post

Sometimes, you may want to republish an old post. If this is your goal, you have a few different options:

  1. You can reschedule your post by editing the date and time the post was published, entering a future date and time, then clicking Schedule. When the scheduled time arrives, the post will jump from its current position in your timeline to the most recent spot on your blog and display the new date and time. The link for the post will also change to reflect the new publication date. When you reschedule a post, it will not redistribute to your email subscribers.
  2. You can republish your post by changing the status of the post to Draft, clicking Update, then clicking Publish. When you do this, the post will immediately redistribute to your email subscribers. However, the publication date and time will remain the same, so the post’s link and position in your timeline will remain unchanged. If you want a republished post to show up first on your blog, you can always make it “sticky.”

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Un-scheduling a Post

If you’ve scheduled a post to be published in the future, but changed your mind and want to publish it immediately, head back to the Edit Post page for your scheduled post.

In the menu to the left of the post editor, click on the post status. On a scheduled post, this will say Scheduled and how much time is left until the post is scheduled to be published:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.01.10 PM

Using the menu that opens, click on the Revert To Draft button:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.02.30 PM

This will change the post status from Scheduled to Draft Saved:

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 1.14.04 PM

Your post will no longer be posted at the originally scheduled time. To turn the scheduled posting back on, click on the Schedule button.

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Troubleshooting Scheduled Posts

If your scheduled post does not appear, check the following:

  • Is your timezone correct in your Settings -> General page?
  • Did you save your post as a draft rather than schedule it? For the post to publish, you must click the Schedule button.
  • Has no one visited your blog yet? Try logging out of WordPress.com and visiting your blog’s front page.
  • If you have more than 100 scheduled posts, reduce that amount to less than 100.
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