Themes »Uploading Custom Themes’s goal is to keep things simple. We take care of the technical details, so you can focus on creating content. As such, we recommend using one of our vetted themes for your website or blog.

However, you have several options if you would like to change the theme of your site:

  • Several of the over 290 themes on have customization options to change the colors, backgrounds, layouts, and header images. Learn how to activate a new theme here.
  • You can purchase the Premium or Business plan for your site, which includes a Custom Design feature that allows you to edit the look and feel of any theme.
  • If you have a Business plan, you can also upload your own custom theme to your site by going to My Site → Themes, then use the Upload Theme button.. Note that custom theme authors usually have their own support forums and FAQ pages, so sometimes you might have to look for answers on their site.

Note: For your site to be compatible with custom themes you must have a domain added to your site. For mapped domains the name servers are required to be pointed to Sites that are mapped to a subdomain (such as won’t be able to use custom themes. Support for subdomains is coming soon.

We are always looking to add new themes to Please feel free to suggest the addition of any theme. You can either contact support with the suggestion or drop a line in the Themes Forum.

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