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Transfer a Domain to Another Account

You can transfer ownership of a domain to another account that is an admin on your site by following the step-by-step instructions below.

Note: Only the owner of the custom domain is able to perform this action. All admin users on a site will see domains connected to the site at My Site(s) ->Domains, but only the domain owner can transfer the domain to another site. Transferring ownership of the domain will mean you no longer have access to the domain’s settings, and won’t be able to cancel, renew or transfer it any more – only the new owner will have that ability.

Step 1: Add the new owner as an admin

A domain can only be transferred to another admin on the same site, so the first step is to add the new owner as an admin if they aren’t one already. This can be done under My Site ->People ->Add. If the new owner is already a non-admin contributor on the site, you can change their role to that of admin at My Site ->People ->Team. The new admin will need to accept the invitation before you can transfer the domain to them.

You can learn more about adding users to your site here.

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Step 2: Transfer the domain

Log in with the account used to purchase the domain, then you can manage your domain from Domain Management. Select your site if you have more than one (also found from the Domains tab in your My Site menu).

Domain selection screen

Select the domain you want to transfer from the list, and you will see its information, settings, and options:

Domain options screen

Select Transfer Domain, and you will see an option to transfer the domain to another registrar, or to another user:

Select type of transfer

Select Transfer to another user. You will see a drop-down listing all admin users currently on our site. There is also some text saying if you proceed you authorise us to act as your Designated Agent to complete the transfer on your behalf.

Transfer domain ownership information screen

Click Transfer Domain. You will see one last confirmation pop-up.

Transfer confirmation screen

Once you click Confirm Transfer the domain will be transferred to the other user. You should receive an email at the domain contact email address to confirm that the domain has been transferred. Depending on when your domain was registered and the type of domain, you might also see a notification that private registration has been disabled for the transfer. Should that happen, please contact us after you’ve completed Step 3 below so we can re-enable it.

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Step 3: Update domain contact information

Once the domain is transferred, the new owner needs to update their contact information for the domain. (If you transferred the domain to another account you own, you can skip this step.)

You can find detailed instructions on updating your contact information here.

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Other domain transfers

To transfer a domain mapping upgrade to another user on your site, or to transfer a domain or domain mapping between different sites in your account, please contact support and we can take care of it for you.

To transfer your domain to another registrar, in other words, away from, see here.


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