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Update Contact Information for a Domain

Domain owners are required to provide current and valid contact information. If the information you provided when you first registered your domain is no longer accurate, make sure to update it.

To update your domain’s contact information, visit Domain Management (select your site if you have more than one), and click on your domain. Here you will see a summary of your domain details with options below: Email, Name Servers and DNS, Contacts and Privacy. Click on Contacts and Privacy then click Edit Contact Info to edit your domain contact information.

If your information is available to edit it will look something like this.



Phone numbers must be formatted as +countrycode.phone_number. For example, a US phone number would need to be entered as +1.555-555-5555.

Note: If you update First name, Last name, or Organization, your domain will be locked for 60 days. During this time you will not be able to transfer your domain to another registrar, but the domain itself with continue to work as usual.


If you have privacy enabled you will receive a message stating that you need to contact support to change your details.


You can either disable privacy in the privacy settings to be able to edit your contact information, or you can contact us via live chat in your dashboard (when available), or email us to change your domain contact info.

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