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Verifying your Domain with Google

When you try to verify your domain name with Google Search Console, G Suite, or YouTube, it may recommend to you that you verify your domain name by uploading an HTML file.  Since we don’t allow you to directly upload files to, here are steps you can follow to verify your domain name using DNS records.  Don’t have a custom domain?  You can use these instructions to verify your domain name using a meta tag.

To access Google’s webmaster tools, you can use this link:  If you haven’t added your domain yet, you can use “Add property” to add your custom domain.

1. When at the Google verification page, click the “Alternate Methods” tab

Select the "Alternate Methods" tab

2. Choose the “Domain Name Provider” verification method

Choose "Domain Name Provider"

Choose “Domain Name Provider”

3. Select “Other” as your domain registrar (it’s at the very bottom of the list)


4. Select all of the text in the white box that appears, and copy it


5. Visit the “Domains” section of your WordPress dashboard, and select the domain.

6. Click on the “Name Server and DNS” option to access the DNS records section. Click on the “Add New DNS record” button. Change the DNS  type from “A” to “TXT”. Add your domain name in the Name form and paste the verification string from Google into the Text form. Once done, click on the Add  New DNS record button to save the record.

Note that it may take up to 72 hours for Google to recognize your domain as verified

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