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The Audio Widget allows you to add an audio player to the sidebar or footer of your site. You can add a audio player using any audio file that you’ve uploaded to your site.

Audio Widget Basics

Here’s an example of an audio widget:

The font and appearance of the title in widgets varies by theme, so yours will look different. This example is from the Sapor theme.

Add an audio widget to your sidebar or footer by going to My Site(s) → Customize → Widgets. Click on the name of the sidebar or footer where you want the widget to appear, then click the Add a Widget button:

text widget - adding

Next, use the search field provided to find the audio widget, then click the widget title to add it to the sidebar:

Click on the Add Audio button to select the audio you want to put in the audio widget. If you want to add a audio player using an audio file that’s hosted somewhere else, click on the Insert from URL option that appears, and you’ll be able to enter a link to the audio.

Note: Audio files must be .mp3, .m4a, .ogg, or .wav type. It is not possible to put an audio embed from another service, like SoundCloud, into an Audio Widget. Instead, you should use a Text Widget with a shortcode.

After you’ve uploaded or entered the link to your audio, click the Add to Widget button to put the audio in the Widget.

After you’ve added the audio to your audio widget, you’ll see a preview of the widget appear on your blog. You can also enter a Title in the widget options, which will appear above the audio.

When you’re satisfied, click Save & Publish to add the widget to your site.

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