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The Custom HTML Widget allows you to add HTML code to the sidebar or footer of your site.

Note: Some HTML tags like scriptiframeforminputstyle are not permitted on Premium Plans and below. You need to upgrade to Business Plan to use them.

Custom HTML Widget Basics

Here’s an example of a Custom HTML widget:

The font and appearance of the title in widgets varies by theme, so yours will look different. This example is from the Sapor theme.

Add a Custom HTML widget to your sidebar or footer by going to My Site(s) → Customize → Widgets. Click on the name of the sidebar or footer where you want the widget to appear, then click the Add a Widget button:

text widget - adding

Next, use the search field provided to find the Custom HTML widget, then click the widget title to add it to the sidebar:

Enter your title and Custom HTML content to the widget. As you do so, you’ll see a preview of the widget appear on your site.

Note: Some HTML tags like scriptiframeforminputstyle are only permitted with a WordPress.com Business plan.

When you’re satisfied, click Save & Publish to add the widget to your site.

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