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The Follow Blog Widget enables your readers to sign up to receive your posts via email.

Note: Readers who are logged in to can also follow your blog using the follow button in the top toolbar. Readers not logged in to will see a follow button on the bottom right corner of your site if you have the follow blog button activated.

Here’s an example of the widget, from The Daily Post, when it’s activated on the blog’s sidebar:

View for logged out users.

View for logged in users.

View for logged in users.







The appearance of the widget is configured through the Customizer:

Widget title – Enter the title for the widget, it can be different message depending on whether users are already following the site or not (e.g. “Follow The Daily Post”, “You’re already following The Daily Post!”). optional text – Enter a message to display to users. This will only be displayed when the user is logged in. The user will see this message followed by a follow button. optional text – Enter a message to display to readers who are not logged in to The reader will see this message followed by an email field and follow button.

Follow button – Enter the message to display in the subscription button. (e.g. Follow, Sign me up)

Show total number of followers – If you choose, the widget will display the total number of followers, which is the sum of:

  • users following your blog
  • Any followers from connected Publicize services (Facebook and Twitter)

Note: This doesn’t include blog post (comment) followers.

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