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Goodreads provides a service that allows you to share your reading lists with friends, and the Goodreads widget at WordPress.com lets you feature some of the books you’ve listed.

Once you’ve added the sidebar to your WordPress.com site, you can expect it to look something like this:

Goodreads - Cookie Monster

To set the widget up, you’ll first need to sign up for a Goodreads account. Once you’ve created an account and signed in, go ahead and click to see your profile page. The profile link will be near the top right of the Goodreads site and will look something like this:

Next, you’ll need to collect your numeric user ID from the address bar in your browser. You’ll use this in a minute to set up the widget, so keep the ID handy. It should look like this:

All you’ll need is the numeric part, so copy that and prepare to paste.

Note for Goodreads Authors: Your author ID may not match your user id. If you enter the id as retrieved above and it doesn’t display your bookshelf, you’ll need to fetch your ID from your public author page. You may need to log out of Goodreads first (or have a friend help you). Visit your author page, and then hover over or click the “add as a friend” or “send message” link on the left under your author photo.

Your user id will appear there, as follows:

Next, go to Appearance -> Widgets in your admin menu at WordPress.com and drag the Goodreads widget to one of your widget areas. If this is your first time adding a widget, you might want to take a moment now and get familiar with how to add widgets by reading our Widgets documentation.

Now that you’ve added the widget to your sidebar, you’ll need to save your Goodreads ID and specify which shelf the widget should display. At the moment, we allow you to display one of the default shelves Goodreads provides, “Read,” “Currently Reading,” or “To-Read.”

Just enter a title to be displayed above the widget in the sidebar, paste in the numeric Goodreads ID you collected from your browser’s address bar above, select a shelf, and save.

Any time you make changes at Goodreads to the shelf you’ve specified, the change should show up automatically in your handy-dandy new sidebar widget.

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