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The Tag Cloud Widget shows a list of all the tags you’ve assigned to your posts. The most common tags will be displayed in the largest font size.

This widget is helpful because it gives your readers an at-a-glance view of your favorite subjects, and lets them know what topics you write about most frequently.

The Tag Cloud Widget will display up to 75 of your most popular tags.

Here’s an example of what the widget looks like:

Note: Only tags that are attached to posts will be displayed in the widget.

Widget Settings

Once you add the widget to your sidebar from Appearance → Widgets, you’ll see the widget settings:

Tag Cloud Widget - Options

  • Title: The title displayed above the widget on your blog.
  • Number of Tags: The maximum number of tags displayed in the tag cloud (up to 75).
  • Exclude: The tag IDs for tags you don’t want to display in the tag cloud.

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How to Exclude Tags

You may not want to include all of your blog’s tags in the tag cloud. Here’s how to exclude a tag:

  1. Go to Posts  Tags in your dashboard. Click on the name of the tag you want to exclude.
    Tags Page
  2. In your browser’s address bar, look for the number after tag_ID=. That’s the tag ID. In this example, the tag ID is 18654:
    Tag Cloud Widget - Tag ID
  3. Copy the tag ID and go back to Appearance → Widgets.
  4. Click on the tag cloud widget to open the widget settings, and paste the tag ID into the Exclude box.
  5. Click Save to save your changes.
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