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There are three blocks for an author to insert a static rating:  Star Rating, Spiciness Rating, and Price Range. These blocks can be handy for example in a book review, a recipe, or the cost of an item.

The blocks are solely for the author to create and insert into a post, they do not solicit feedback or polling of users reading the post.

Adding the Blocks

The three blocks can be added to a page by clicking on the Add Block button. They can be found in the Widgets section. Alternatively, you can type /Star, /Spici, or /Cost as quick method.

Here is an example:

An example of a star ratings block added under some text.

Detailed instructions on adding blocks can be found here.

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Color Customization

Each of the ratings can be customized with your own color. Use the Block settings sidebar to select a color for your ratings.

Here is an example setting the Spiciness Rating to red:

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