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Collecting Payments

Adding a Widget

On and Jetpack 6.3 or above, you can add a quick payment option to any widgetized area (sidebar, footer, etc.) on your WordPress site.

Here’s an example from a footer area:

To add a widget, go to My Sites → DesignCustomize to load the site customizer. From the Customizer menu, click on Widgets and then select the area of your site where you’d like the widget to appear.

At the bottom of this menu, click the Add Widget button, and look for Simple Payments in the list.

You can then choose which product to display in the widget. If you don’t have any products yet, you can create one right inside the widget by clicking Add New.

For each new product, you can add everything you can on a standalone Simple Payment Button, including a photo, description, and price.

Once one or more products have been created and saved via the Customizer, you can switch between them when adding a new widget or payment button. Just choose from the right button in the list when you’re setting up and you’re good to go!

After selecting a product, you can change the widget options, reorder it, and see how it will look on the page. Once you’re happy with how it looks, click Publish at the top of the Customizer sidebar to save your site layout with the new widget.

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