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It takes much work to get a post just right. Why not reuse that effort? Copy A Post lets you duplicate a post, including the title, contents, tags and categories, so you can start a new post without having to re-enter tags, categories and formatting.

Copy a Post appears within the Writing Helper module below the Editor on the Add a Post screen. To use Copy A Post, click on the button and it will open right in place.

If you don’t see the button, make sure you’ve checked the Writer Helper in your Screen Options.

The list of posts is shown in recency order, most recent posts first. We will also remember the last 3 posts you have copied, and put them at the top of the list. If you don’t see the post you want in the list, type the name of the title in the search box and we’ll find it for you.

If you already have a post in progress and want to keep it, make sure to save the post before hitting Copy. We will warn you if there is already text in the edit box, just in case.

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